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As a traveler, I have seen places and people that are very different from those I grew up with; being a story-teller also, photography allows me to share the world I know with others in a way that words are incapable of doing. A single picture can express the awesome wonderment I feel when gazing out across nature’s limitless vistas. It can reveal an interesting detail of a city street that others never notice. It is a particular moment in time that will be visited again and again. A photograph transcends language and cultural barriers, and can make friends of strangers in an instant. We tend to fear that which is different, or unknown; by sharing these images, our common humanity is revealed.

Photography is also a creative outlet that provides a way for me to express my moods, feelings, and abstract ideas. I am able to create with my camera the art that I yearned to do with pencils as a child. I record the world as I see it- a unique perspective that gives insight into my soul. I hope that my images will awaken in others an awareness of the beauty in the everyday things around them and inspire them to preserve the natural places of the world for future generations to experience firsthand.

I am a graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography and currently live in Seattle, where I work as a freelance commercial/editorial food and lifestyle photographer. Please contact me for any of your photography needs.

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